Website cloud hosting service on Mac servers

It has never been this easy to host a website or a store on Mac servers powered by Apple Silicon for amazing performance and better security. Our premium service is built for people looking for a simple, reliable and secure platform.

You can run an application instance (WordPress, ExpressionEngine or HumbHub) in less than 2 minutes with a friendly user interface.

Shared or dedicated?

MacWeb website instances are running on shared Mac servers. If you want more liberty and flexibility, we recommend to order your own Mac server in the cloud.

Supported web engines

These solutions can be installed with just one click activation

WordPress 6

A very popular CMS to build any website
$29/month or $249/year

ExpressionEngine 6.3

One of the most secure CMS of the industry
$49/month or $449/year

HumHub 1.1

Intranet and social network engine
$49/month or $449/year

PrestaShop 1.7

Powerful and secure store engine
$99/month or $949/year

Vanilla Forums 2021

Discussion board for websites
$29/month or $249/year

PhProject 1.7

Project management with tasks and sprints
$49/month or $449/year

High performance bandwidth | https by default | Easy cancellation | Great UI/UX | One click activation
(optional domain assignement with a SSL certificate for any app instance)

Apps are running on latest PHP 7.4 and MySQL 5.7 versions, you have nothing to configure!

How does it work?

Step 1
Create an account and purchase an app engine.

Step 2
Activate your dedicated web instance with just one click

Step 3
There is no step 3. You can already use your app engine and your web instance with a default login and password. Nothing to configure except the content of your app engine or store. As an option, you can order a custom domain for your web instance.

Did You Know?

A lot of developers are using wordpress as a backend engine for their mobile apps. You can do it too now and you don't have to care about the infrastructure. We manage everything for you, your wordpress backend is secured with a SSL certificate.